Research and Communications

Danielle Kirby

Strategic Communications


research into current norms & best practice in  industry and academic literature, similar companies in the sector, and similar organisations across sectors
  • current research
  • literature reviews
  • news & current affairs
  • sector & company analysis 

Establishing benchmarks against current performance for future reference

assess current company presence, activity, capacity, and potential deficiencies, with recommendations for development
  • digital presence reviews
  • business documents review
  • stakeholder & audience review
  • Discussions with key personnel

Strategy Development
assessing needs based on research, benchmarking, and review processes, alongside assessment of capacity, needs, and platform fit
  • framing principles
  • policy documents
  • aligning with company goals, resources, & desired impact
  • tailored guides for operationalisation
  • developmentb of mesurement & evaluation frameworks

websites & information architecture
manage social media accounts
newsletter content, design & distribution
survey design and distribution
data maintenence schedules
measurement and assessment plans

 Subject Matter Expertise

Communications theory & practice
Digital Engagement
Contemporary belief & ideology
New Religious Movements
Alternative culture (counterculture/cultic milieu/occulture)
Genre fiction, mythology, folklore
Experimental music

Other Skills

Academic Research in Communications, Humanities, and Arts
Collaboration & Project Management
Seminars & Lectures
Content Design
Assessment Design